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Camelion C Super Heavy Duty 2 Pack (Case) (288 cells)

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The Camelion Super Heavy Duty Battery uses manganese dioxide for the positive active material, and zinc chloride, ammonium chloride for the electrolyte. This unique construction is designed to improve the stability of the battery and its service life. It supplies economical power for a wide range of devices such as flashlights, radio cassettes, recorders, remote controls and clocks

CAUTION! This kind of battery isn’t recommended to use with digital camera.

2 Blister packs x 288
Price: $ 0.19 per cell
Weight: 15.9 kg
Dimensions (cm): 32.5(L) x 26.0(W) x 28.0(H)


Weight 15.9 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 26 x 28 in


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